Our Partners - Modecom


Fortune Technologies Ltd has been appointed as the Authorised Distributor for Malta for Modecom products.


We continuously upgrade our products. If you don’t move forward – you move backward. Therefore, it is essential to keep up with the times and always be ahead of others. We work with such companies as Intel or Microsoft, which makes our products closer to perfection.


It’s you and your opinion that’s most important to us. We are here for you. Every opinion matters. Therefore, Customer contact is essential for us to find the right direction of our business. We know where we should be headed thanks to you.


They give us the drive we need. We don’t need mediocrity. Everything we do is supposed to evoke emotions that will raise you higher when you listen to music or excite you when watching a Sci-Fi movie. Excitement. Joy. Curiosity. It’s what we yearn.


We keep on looking for solutions that will make your life easier. You need guidance in the desert? You got bored waiting for the doctor’s appointment? No matter where you are. No matter the conditions. What matters is that our products will help you get through all of this.


Your satisfaction is the greatest reward for us. No ranking or recognition diploma is important when your satisfaction is at stake. It’s what we work for. Nothing motivates as much as the fact that our work is not for nothing. We are here for you.