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Forestals Group

One of Malta's oldest established  & best known Group of Companies

Constituted in 1940, and subsequently incorporated as a limited liability company with the Malta Registrar of Partnerships with Company registration number C239, Forestals goes back to the beginnings of organised business in Malta, and has through three generations of growth and diversification established itself as a household name and market leader in various lines of business.

Head Office & flagship showroom in Mriehel

The Group’s new Head Office complex since May 2009 is located in Mrieħel. The complex includes 1,000 square metres of modern office facilities on the first floor, and a new flagship showroom, comprising 1,100 square metres of retail space on the ground floor.

Group Operations

The Group’s diversified portfolio comprises consumer retail and B2C, commercial B2B products and services, information technology solutions and services, education and services sectors.

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